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Styling guide

The first we need to say about style is, find your own. “Let more of me out” as Desti puts it. Our styling tips help you explore and create your very own personal look. Enjoy, have fun experimenting and live for those moments when it feels good to be looking so fabulous.

Your bag shape can change the way your body shape looks. If you choose an opposite shape you balance things out, choose a similar shape and you draw attention.

In practise:
A tall, lean shaped body looks more rounded next to a round bag, like our hobo. If you have a round shape and want to tell the world about it, wear the hobo with pride.

Take the attention away from your short voluptuous form with angular, boxy shapes like our envelope. Pile the attention on, with a small curvy bag like our Suede Happiness Bag.

With size it’s about getting the right proportion. A tiny clutch on a tall and curvy body gets lost – which is a waste of a good handbag. On the other hand the large, carry-the-world bag could subsume a small, slim figure.

A shoulder bag plasters a “look at me” sign on the parts that it hangs against, so let it hit up against the bits you love. Unsure which part wins? Mid-torso is recommended if you want to make your waist look smaller.

Leading the eye where you want it to go
There are parts on which you want attention to fall and then there are parts you don’t. This list explains how to use the bag to your advantage.

Move attention away from…

Big busts and shoulders – Take the eye to your waist with a longer length bag, one that rests near your middle. An envelope or clutch moves the attention even further away.

Wide waists, big hips and tummies – Move their eyes up. Pick a bag that hangs at boob height.

Statuesque frames – You need a bag that’s as grand as you are! One that is structured and larger in size will balance your look.

Willowy, tall frames – To give the impression of more curve and contrast, use a wide and baggy shape, like a <hobo.

Petite frames – Move in the opposite direction, choose a bag with plenty of length and a lack of structure.

Move the attention towards…

Waist – Point them where you want them to look, pick a bag that ends at this part.

Décolletage and shoulders – You need short handled bags or ones you can clutch underarm.

Bags and life

They can look so pretty on the website, on the shelf at the store, but they need to look pretty on you and in your life. Try different shapes out so you know what suits you. Think about what needs to go in the thing. Much as we love small bags our days often require more of us than a lipstick and a Blackberry.

Our bags often end up either lonely in the wardrobe or well loved and falling apart. They come with stories we can tell the admirers that stop us in the coffee shop. They complete an evening’s outfit and make us happy we remembered we don’t just need a bag for the school run.

They pass through the stage of not being allowed on the floor, to becoming more casual friends and perhaps end up making it into someone else’s hands – a daughter who’s growing up too fast or a friend who helped do that wardrobe clear out.

Through it all they’re our handbags and they make us smile.

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